Many of my followers have been asking about the heel height of Louboutin So Kate versus other Louboutin models. I have been shopping Louboutin So Kate heels since their first release in the 2013 Fall-Winter collection named after the British model Kate Moss, a muse of the brand. To date I collected over 40 models of So Kate, you can check out my entire collection in this YouTube video. This guide covers the history of So Kate to date (2022), I always advise to consult the official Louboutin website for the latest models and details about heels height. 

There is nothing worse than wearing exclusive Louboutin heels in the wrong size, in this Louboutin sizing guide I am going to cover every aspect to help you choose the perfect size in red soles. Over the past 20 years I bought hundreds of Louboutin heels as part of my high heel collection. I have over 40 pairs of Louboutin So Kate alone as have experience across all styles from sandals to booties. After such long time I am 100% sure I am a 37.5 EU in Christian Louboutin, let me guide you step by step to find out yours.

Should I size up or down for Louboutins? Pick your correct Louboutin size as first time buyer

Louboutin are true to size in my experience yet worth getting advice specific to the shoe your want to buy:

  • Check out my Louboutin Size Guide to compare Louboutin Sizing with other brands.
  • Make sure you get familiar with different return policies for Christian Louboutin shoes.

What is the heel height of Christian Louboutin So Kate?

Differently from what most people think, Christian Louboutin So Kate only come in 120 mm (4.7 Inch)  stiletto heels. This with regards to the So Kate pump introduced after Pigalle pumps with a thinner heel. Without any doubt 120MM is the most iconic heel height for designer pumps with most brands ranging better 110-120 mm for classic pumps. 

So Kate Booty 100 mm and 85 mm

The only exception when it comes to So Kate are the ankle boots available both in 100 mm (3.9 inch) and 85 mm. This is a more comfortable alternative to So Kate pumps who are by far the less comfortable 120 mm pumps among all designer brands. My last So Kate Booty purchase was last year when I got the social media inspired “Print Like” ankle boots. You can watch the full review and unboxing is available on my YouTube Channel.

Kate vs So Kate 

kate - so kate

Since 2020 Louboutin has introduced the Kate models which is basically a lower version of So Kate. Silhouette is similar as well as having a wide colorways like So Kate, Kate have been more popular in recent years with higher heels pumps above 100 mm being less popular until the recent block heels trend. 

Kate are available as closed pumps in 100 mm and 85 mm, perfect for occasions where you need to stand in heels longer as opposed to So Kate which are less comfortable. If you are looking for a lower heel there is also the possibility of choosing the Kate Sling available in 55 mm and 85 mm both are great options when you need to stand in heels many hours.

Are So Kate pumps available in 130 mm and 140 mm?

Some of my followers have been searching for So Kate 130 mm and 140 mm, probably confusing So Kate with Louboutin Hot Chick available in 130 mm and other higher models. So Kate pumps are only available in 120 mm and other similar models also tend to be below 120 mm. If you are looking for higher heel size in Louboutin I recommend you check out platform silhouettes like Round Chick Alta 150 mm or shop resell the iconic Lady Peep 150 mm.

So Kate vs Pigalle heel height

So Kate was originally released as an alternative to Pigalle with similar heel height 120 mm (4.7 inch) while in recent years Pigalle heels are available in 85-100 mm similar to Kate heels. Pigalle, Kate and So Kate have similar silhouettes, I recommend you try them in store to find the model that best fits you and choose between the available heel heights. Personally I prefer Kate and So Kate to Pigalle but this is my personal preference, trying them all side by side will help you choose the best for you. 

So Kate Heel height vs Iriza 

Similar to Pigalle and Kate, Iriza are available in 85 and 100 mm as opposed to So Kate who are only available in 120 mm when it comes to pumps. I haven’t shopped Iriza recently but I do love the style featuring a sensational cutout vamp revealing the foot’s natural arch. I would love to see Louboutin expand the Iriza line in the same way they have expanded Hot Chick models in 2022. 

Choosing the right heel height is important when styling Louboutin shoes to your outfits as well as having the right shoes for the right occasion. So Kate 120 mm are pretty extreme pumps, they will make you stand out while compromising on comfort. Other models like Kate, Pigalle, Iriza can give you similar silhouettes with lower and more comfortable heels. I hope you found this guide helpful and don’t hesitate to get in touch for Louboutin buying tips. 

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