There is nothing worse than wearing exclusive Louboutin heels in the wrong size, in this Louboutin sizing guide I am going to cover every aspect to help you choose the perfect size in red soles. Over the past 20 years I bought hundreds of Louboutin heels as part of my high heel collection. I have over 40 pairs of Louboutin So Kate alone as have experience across all styles from sandals to booties. After such long time I am 100% sure I am a 37.5 EU in Christian Louboutin, let me guide you step by step to find out yours.

Should I size up or down for Louboutins? Pick your correct Louboutin size as first time buyer

Louboutin are true to size in my experience yet worth getting advice specific to the shoe your want to buy:

  • Check out my Louboutin Size Guide to compare Louboutin Sizing with other brands.
  • Make sure you get familiar with different return policies for Christian Louboutin shoes.

There is always a first time and trust me with Christian Louboutin heels is a very special one. This should only be the first of many successful purchases of iconic heels, take time to get it right.

  • You MUST shop or at least try the shoes in store first. At least for your first purchase don’t go blind, trying in store not only allows you to try different sizes of the same model but also try other models. I totally recommend trying different models before you commit to one.
  • Take your time in store, you are the customer. I totally understand you might be excited to visit a luxury boutique for the first time and also a bit nervous but remember you need to carefully try heels to find the best fit. Make sure your feet are not too tired and you can walk in them for a while. The store assistants will advise yet the choice it’s yours and you need to give yourself time to feel how they fit.
  • Try different models make sure you fit all models in that size or different materials. Ideally get to the point where you are sure about your one and only size of Louboutin shoes.
  • Aim at finding the perfect fit in bare feet without socks, nylon or any sort of inserts to make them more comfortable. These types of fixes are sometimes necessary but should only be a backup choice not the starting point. Relaxed, dry and bare feet is the best fit.
  • Christian Louboutin heels are usually in IT/EU sizing which is a half size smaller than FR shoes size.
  • If you never bought designer heels or not wear heels at all, start from comparing to your sneakers size. It’s really hard to get a reference here but to give you an idea I am 38 EU in Nike sneakers from Air Jordan to Air Force 1 but 37.5 EU in designer heels. For me it’s a half size down, yet it’s very specific to me.
  • If you can’t try them first in store or buy them as a present to your partner check the size of other designer heels who are true to size but be careful as not all brands are true to size. See the section below and remember to buy at least 2-3 sizes to avoid ruining a special present with the wrong fitting shoes.
  • In case you are shopping Louboutin Shoes for the first time and not sure about your size check out my guide on Christian Louboutin Return Policy

Do Louboutins run true to size? Louboutin are true to size across all models

If you already have a pair of red sole you are definitely in a better position in making the right choice with regards to size. Louboutin heels in my experience are true to size across all models from pumps to sandals to higher platform heels. While you might still want to choose a different size depending on the model, I can reassure you that I only buy 37.5 EU since many years and I NEVER had a single pair not fitting.

  • Nines time out of ten if you already own a pair of Louboutin heels that fit well go for the same size and you will be safe.
  • True to size heels also allow you to pick the right size comparing to other brands who are true to size. I will cover these in separate guides but other brands like Casadei, Le Silla and YLS who are true to size are also a great starting point to help you identify the right size of Louboutins
  • Shop online safe with an outstanding service, knowing your size upfront allows you to grab limited editions heels that tend to be sold out very quickly. Forget about finding your size at the end of the season.

Official Louboutin Woman Size Chart

This is the official chart from Christian Louboutin official website. Remember to always check size charts on official websites to avoid trusting a retailer who might share size charts across brands or have mistakes in the way they display sizes. Once you have verified the size from official charts you can then pick the retail site of your choice if you prefer shopping there. Personally I shop directly from the Louboutin official store.

34413.521 cm200 cm205
35524.522 cm210 cm215
36635.523 cm220 cm225
37746.524 cm230 cm235
38857.525 cm240 cm245
39968.526 cm250 cm255
401079.527 cm260
40.510.57.51027.5 cm265
4111810.528 cm270
41.511.58.51128.5 cm275
4212911.529 cm280

Do Louboutins do wide fit? Factors to consider when choosing size of Louboutin Heels

Regardless of specific tips for particular models there are some extra considerations to keep in mind when it comes to sizing.

  • The heel height and shape of the foot is by far the main contributor to comfort. If you are concerned about comfort in relation to height definitely don’t start from a 120MM pump like Louboutin So Kate which is notoriously the least comfortable heel from Louboutin. Start from heels below 100MM and build your collection over time adding higher heels. Personally I tend to stay above 100MM as I prefer the look of higher heels yet it really depends on the occasion you buy them for.
  • Platform helps. Whether it’s pumps or sandals, having a platform can only help in improving the comfort. You will notice that platform heels despite being higher than other models are easier to walk in than pumps.
  • Closed or open toe. Depending on the shape of your feet you have to be careful with open toe shoes as opposed to closed toe box. Harder to fit depending on the style and more likely to cause pain if fingers are not fitting well.
  • Different materials have different comfort The material of the shoes can make a big difference when it comes fit. The most classic patent leather which is very durable and makes heels look very hot is harder to stretch around your foot. Natural leather it’s easier to mold over time the more you wear it. Keep that in mind if you buy pre-owned Louboutin from reseller marketplaces like Vinted. Either way if you feel you fit well but just tight you can try taking them to a cobbler to stretch.
  • Special event or day to day use: Especially if your first Louboutin this will be a shoe that you will wear for a lifetime. They are extremely durable and always trendy when it comes to iconic models. Do not buy them if they are not fitting perfectly thinking it will just be a one off, it’s an important purchase you can wear over the years.
  • Inserts to increase comfort: Personally I tend to wear heels without any inserts (insoles, pads ect.) yet it’s a very personal choice as our feet are not all the same. In case you are sure you want to wear inserts to make your heels comfortable, definitely size up half size and try the shoes already with inserts if you can. Don’t try to fix retroactively and since Louboutin does half size don’t go for your true size and neither 1-2 sizes up. If you need to buy more than half size to fit well means it’s not the right heel for you. Sometimes we have to give up, no matter how amazing some shoes look.

What size of Louboutin So Kate, Hot Chick, Iriza is right for you?

Pumps are the ultimate size test. If you get right your So Kate size you are good to buy most models. Same applies to Hot Chick and Iriza as well as other pumps. Here obviously you must consider the So Kate heel height, 120-130MM are the least comfortable and most likely to give you a bad experience in terms of fit. Lower pumps are significantly easier in terms of choice and you could even get away by missing the true size by half size.


Definitely the most comfortable choice and easier to pick. Both high boots and ankle boots allow you to go for a slightly bigger size and can easily hide not being the right size differently from sandals. Especially in winter when you can wear socks to keep your feet warm but also help with the comfort. I still buy booties my true size and I managed to grab these amazing booties from the Liked collection knowing my size as they were available exclusively online. That said I totally support buying one size up in boots to wear socks in winter.

Sandals and slingbacks

Forget about hiding the wrong size in strappy sandals or slingback pumps. You can’t hide inserts and the open toe feature will look terrible if the fist is off. If you are not sure about size I definitely recommend you start from other models, especially if you are not so used to wearing high heels. When it comes to sandals, check carefully the fit of the front strap, back strap for slingbacks to avoid being loose and giving a cheap effect of a low quality shoes.

New Very Prive and platforms

Platforms are a good starting point in my opinion as comfort is generally good despite being high. Same as sandals, be careful about slingbacks and in case they are open toe of how your fingers fit on the front.

I hope you found this guide useful, let me know if you have any questions by connecting with me on social media. I will be publishing more guides on my blog as well as my Youtube channel. Whether you are about to buy your first pair or just dreaming about it, you can do your homeworks and prepare by trying on heels in store so you can be ready when a special pair of Christian Louboutin you love will go on sale. Remember the most exclusive models sell out fast, you have to be sure about your size.

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