Today I will be unboxing a pair of Jimmy Choo Saeda 100 Crystal Pumps. First time trying on the Saeda silhouette, I went all in with sparkling details and I am going to let you know if they are worth the exuberant price tag.

Jimmy Choo Saeda 100 pump design review

Jimmy Choo shoes come in the original grey box with individual white  dust bags. Starting from the craft of the packaging Jimmy Choo gives you the feeling you are about to wear a very special shoe. Saeda is one of the iconic Jimmy Choo silhouettes, the type of iconic shoe you will find season after season. I wanted to try the most extreme one in terms of crystal details but you can also find them with less sophisticated finish. 

This is the kind of shoe you could almost expect to find in a jewellery store, The model name is Peacock Satin Pumps with Crystal Embellishment. This pair of Saeda is decorated with all-over hotfix crystal embellishment, and a delicate crystal chain with a single pendant on the back. I picked this colourway but I was immediately confused when I saw they are also available in Candy Pink. Literally the second I hit “confirm the order” I was already doubting my colour choice. 

I love the crystal details all over and that’s what makes this shoe special, yet I would advise you to check them out in store with natural light to better understand the colour. In terms of design I love the pointed toe box, the ankle strap look and the fact this shoe feels like a blend between a pump and mule. Especially this year with mules being pretty popular, it’s a safe design option for those who, like me, aren’t massively into mules yet looking for a trendy shoe. 

As I said before, Saeda is not only a trendy item but a proper classic from Jimmy choo. Think about buying a Louboutin So Kate, Valentino Rockstud or Casadei blade. 

One negative side when it comes to design in my opinion is the clap on the crystal chain, it forces you to stretch the chain in order to be tight on the ankle. I was really scared to break them the first time I put them on as it looked very delicate. 

 Jimmy Choo and Saeda Sizing: Are Jimmy Choo Saeda true to size?

Yes they are, I can confirm Jimmy Choo Saeda are true to size. My true size is 37.5 EU. And they fit perfectly, I initially thought they were a bit too short but actually they are perfect the moment you put them on and stand up. Whether you try them home or in store I really advise you stand up and walk in them to make sure they fit well to you. Knowing your true size is important as most designer brands tend to be true to size, Jimmy Choo has been true to size in my experience so far. In the past I tried other Jimmy Choo models like the Sacora 100 and Love 100 or 85mm and they were all true to size in my experience. Generally with brands who focus on footwear like Jimmy Choo but also Christian Louboutin, Casadei, Le Silla and Giuseppe Zanotti you can expect shoes to be true to size especially if they do half size. If you don’t know your true size or size in Jimmy Choo I advise you order your nearest side in heels in 2 sizes so you can test comfortably at home. For example if you are usually 38 EU try both 37.5 EU and 38 EU or the upper combination if you tend to be tight in 38 EU. For this I tend to use online retail stores like Mytheresa and Farfetch who offer great availability as well as super convenient return policies. 

Saeda 100 Comfort

Honestly I was sceptical of the fact the ankle strap could have been pretty loose and having the same effect of mules. Yet this is absolutely not the case, they are comfortable sitting on a 100mm heel, the toe box is pretty comfortable too. Overall I am pretty impressed by the comfort. 

Who is the Saeda pump for?

This particular model with full crystal embellishment is for a special occasion where you want to make sure everyone is going to notice your shoes. Comes at a high price point and is not the kind of shoe you should buy if you are planning to wear them daily. I think the regular satin version is way more versatile and still gives the feeling you are wearing an exclusive iconic shoe from Jimmy Choo. I might at some point add a pair of crystal embellished Saeda to my collection but I think I will also opt for the regular satin to begin with. 

Occasions to wear Saeda Pump 100mm

Honestly, I found it pretty hard to style this particular colour hence my regret of not having tried the pink instead. With crystal you are also limited in terms of locations you can wear the shoe given how delicate they are. That said if you want to shine at an important ceremony like a wedding or gala night these are the perfect insane looking shoes to pick. In terms of dresses, they could go well with white dresses that help you make the accessories stand out. Jimmy Choo also offers matching clutch bags perfect for a complete look. 

Jimmy Choo Pricing

According to Jimmy Choo’s official website they retail at 1550£ /  $1,995 /  1650 Euro. Which is tier 5 of 5 of my designer heel price guide 2000-5000 $, it’s an exclusive shoe, embellished with crystal and you know price goes up the more they shine.  

This for the crystal version while the normal satin comes at 875£/$1,125/925 Euro,  4 of 5 of my designer heels guide 1000-2000 $.  Priced a bit higher than the average pump but I think it’s still ok given the crystal detail. 

Can you find Jimmy Choo Saeda on sale?

Definitely yes but remember these tips if you are looking to save on this purchase.

  • Compare official store prices with retailer websites. You can definitely find Jimmy Choo Saeda on sale. Right now the pumps are on sale at Farfetch and Mytheresa up to 50% off. 
  • Also consider welcome code that farfetch has for the first purchase on their websites. Usually when you subscribe to the retailer newsletter. 
  • Second check the price in different currencies as some retailers price differently between dollars, pounds and euro. This model for instance is cheaper in Euros compared to Pounds and Dollars. For this I generally use Wise multi currency cards for my online purchases in different countries and currencies. As usual, link in description to get a Wise multicurrency card. 

Are Jimmy Choo Saeda Crystal Pumps worth their price tag?

I think they are very well designed, love the Saeda silhouette and the way they have been embellished. That said I decided to not keep them for the following reasons:

  • The colour it’s great in summer but equally hard to style. I should have thought a bit harder on the look of the crystals.  
  • I ended up loving the silhouette which was new to me but now realised I want to opt for a regular Saeda in satin to begin with. So that I can style them more day to day before I make the jump to a fully embellished model. Same happened with Louboutin where I have bought many regular colourways before making a call on special models to add to my collection. I would probably start with the Seada 100 in Black or Fuchsia  as the first item in this iconic Jimmy Choo line. 


I hope you enjoyed this review, share any feedback on these shoes in the comments below and don’t hesitate to get in touch for help when shopping for designer shoes.