Designer Heels Price Guide ?? Explained ?

May 22, 2022

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Explaining designer heels pricing to help you find the right heels for your budget. More tips to come on shopping sales across designer shoes brands.

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Whether it’s your first pair of designer shoes or have bought before I hope this guide will help you navigate through different brands when it comes to picking the right price point for you.

What are my most expensive heels in my collection? also what is the cheapest pair? 

The cheapest heels are actually a recent purchase of Louboutin Daffodile 160 that retailed back in time for over 1200$ yet I was able to buy a brand new pair on Vinted for only for 100$. I could not believe I was able to get that model sold out at that price still in perfect condition from a girl who had them for years in the wrong size and never put them on. 

The most expensive was also a Louboutin, a limited edition model. The Splash Fox 150 fur platform heels for 2100$ dollars. This model is amazing and definitely exclusive.

Points I would like to remind you when considering such an important purchase:

  • First, most iconic designer heels are evergreen and very durable since the quality is extremely high. You would be saving for a purchase that can last through the years as opposed to shopping shoes that will only do for one to two special occasions. For example a pair of Louboutin heels will last forever, I have had some in my collection for over 15 years.
  • Second, you don’t need to start from limited edition designer heels at the top of the price tiers but you can consider cheaper options from brands that have lower price points which I will cover shortly in this video. Alternatively sticking with higher tier brands but try to shop during sales or try to buy them resale on pre owned fashion marketplaces. Watch until the end for tips on brands who do sales and how to go about it.

So what makes the price go up when it comes to designer heels?

Let me walk you through some factors that influence price of heels:

  • First: being a Limited edition or special collaboration. Similar to sneakers, less number produced equal higher price.
  • Second: The height of the heels, as rule of thumbs price goes up the more you move from lower heels to higher platform heels or high heel boots.
  • Anything sparkling like Swarovski and other shiny details on the shoes.
  • Material yet less and less so with more brands leaning towards eco friendly materials as opposed to expensive rare materials
  • Country where you buy since some brands price differently based on the country. 

I divided price tiers in 5 categories and tried to give you an idea of the type of heels in each category. 

Tier 1 “entry level” designer heels less than 250$

These are not particular models or editions but I am talking about brands who do have distinctive design yet produce shoes at a cheaper price point. You can still look elegant and stand out yet when it comes to details they are not comparable to premium designer heels. To give you an idea I did recently review Guess spring summer collection and I was pretty surprised about their quality at lower price points and nice design elements. Similar brands can be:

  • Guess
  • Steve Madden
  • Kurt Kreiger
  • Kate Spade
  • Michael Kors

Tier 2 is  designer heels sub 500$

These tend to be lower heels from premium designer brands, emerging brands like Ruthie Davis or some model of designer heels during sale. Just to give you an idea:

  • Ruthie Davis which does amazing platform heels at that price point.
  • Casadei, Zanotti and Le silla when on sale.
  • Some lower models of Sophia Webster or other brands in general lower heels less than 800MM.

Tier 3 from 600-1000$

This is the most popular category for pumps, sandals and ankle boots from most designer brands. Most footwear brands like Louboutin, Casadei, Le Silla and Zanotti price at this point most of their collection while fashion brands like YSL, Valentino and Gucci tend to be at the top of this range moving to the higher tier.

At this price point you can find:

  • Casadei blade not on sale
  • Louboutin sandals and pumps like so kate, hot chick, iriza 
  • Le silla pumps and sands

Tier 4 goes from 1000 to 2000 dollars

Mostly platforms pumps or sandals or boots. As well as other non platform heels from fashion brands who tend to price slightly higher. At this price point you would generally find:

  • Louboutin/ Casadei Platforms heels and  boots
  • Some Jimmy Choo sparkling but also at the higher price tier
  • YSL iconic heels and valentino platforms
  • Heels for bridal collections with crystal like the Le Silla ones.

Tier 5 which tend to be the shiny stuff from 2000-5000

Most expensive heels tend to have stones, shiny metallic parts and rich textures.

  • Jimmy choo sparkling heels are a classic
  • Tom ford 
  • Valentino shiny ones
  • Aquazzura 

At this point I hope it’s clear how you can approach styles and brands based on your budget as well as where to look when to find the perfect shoes for each occasion. Before we close let me share few tips on sales I tend to always look for as they can be a great way to grab amazing shoes at low price.

Shopping designer heels on sale

Not all brands do sales and they also tend to change their approach every year depending on stock levels yet these tips tend to be pretty reliable in my experience. . 

  • Look for seasonal models as opposed to iconic models when waiting for sales. Don’t hope to find a YSL logo pump which will never go out of fashion. 
  • Louboutin doesn’t do sales, at least on their official websites or it’s very limited. Don’t wait for sales or it’s too late.
  • Casadei and Le Silla you can definitely find them on sale across the year and if you are lucky even grab your ideal heels on sale yet beware that the most popular sizes might run out of stock before the sale starts. 

I will be covering more with regards to sales as I bump into offers in future, and I hope these quick tips were helpful. 


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